Compared to other creatures on earth, humans have a unique skill: planning ahead. That’s why, although the Web 2.0 video industry is booming right now, many far-sighted people are not satisfied with it and are already studying and anticipating the next stage: the next generation of streaming platforms led by the Web 3.0 social concept. The reason for this is that Web 3.0 can create a better user experience than the current one.

From Web3 Social to Metaverse, X METAVERSE PRO starts to change the video streaming industry

But before that, we need to invent a tool or a toolset that we can’t get in the Web 2.0 space.

How do you understand the meaning of social in Web3?

Like the word DeFi, “Web3 social” is a typical blend of “Web3” and “social”. It is an improvement of Web2, in which users do not have to create multiple identities on different Web2 platforms, instead, by creating just one decentralized universal digital identity system, then they can live, play, work, finance and socialize on various platforms.

Therefore, the greatest significance of the emergence of Web3 social is to meet the contemporary public demand for personalization, which is more like an optional model, whereby users have personal social images and data, and choose whether to realize them according to their independent consciousness.

How to achieve effective Web3 interaction?

In order to realize Web3 social, we must first solve the centralization problem of Web2 and Web3, and complete the effective interaction between them. If we look up a series of standard interaction cases, we can find that the most attractive one is X METAVERSE PRO.

It not only realizes Web3 interaction at the level of financial transactions, what is more commendable is the decentralized social network it has fully laid out, allowing a higher degree of social communication between social media and viewers and content providers.

It is no exaggeration that X METAVERSE PRO gives more possibilities to Web 3, giving it a context beyond finance and adding the social identifier in the decentralized value network.

X METAVERSE PRO, a Web3-based crypto social platform

As a Web3-based crypto social platform, X METAVERSE PRO uses video as an entry point and the users can directly influence the platform’s content using NFT and cryptocurrency. Content creators can use it to create new social tools and easily realize a new economy of independent creators on the chain. On this platform, creators and fans are able to receive a fair and transparent $XMETA rewards distribution and make digital management under control based on NFT content access authority and a decentralized content governance system. In addition, fans can contact with their favorite creator, participate in his/her growth, invest and contribute to the content, etc.

X METAVERSE PRO changes the current situation of Web2 monopoly, effectively using blockchain network and Web3 ideas to equally distribute revenue, rights, and boldly reform from the video streaming industry, which may set off a wave of technology and times.

Content presentation is the key to capturing value

Given the accessibility of data in Web3, we believe that “content presentation” will be a key part of the value accumulation from network interactions. In this battle, the one who can provide a good experience to users will be the ultimate winner. The goal of X METAVERSE PRO is to integrate all the current applications, websites, portals, etc., with video as the initial test point. X METAVERSE PRO plans to include more media besides video in the future, which can be a centralized camp for video information, and continue to spread to all aspects of the network with the advantages of low cost, decentralization and high efficiency.

X METAVERSE PRO has a unique content distribution mechanism, focusing on the creation of social relationships. X METAVERSE PRO sets up functions such as following, subscribing, liking, commenting and sharing, from which people can get direct attitudes and relevant insights from these values. On X METAVERSE PRO, you can choose to follow your favorite bloggers and UP owners, thus ensuring that you can be the first to check when they update their news. What’s more, X METAVERSE PRO uses an algorithmic mechanism to open up features such as recommendations, real-time hotness, and personal preferences to show users good content through accurate algorithms.

What are the distinctive features of X METAVERSE PRO social ecosystem?

So far, X METAVERSE PRO’s social ecosystem is robust and growing rapidly, and its key solutions have become core advantages that are unmatched by other projects.

The first is the X METAVERSE PRO decentralized video streaming platform, where you can earn $XMETA by contributing your device to improve the streaming quality of content viewed by other users on the service. The second is X METAVERSE PRO protocol, which is a emerging open source financial protocol. It is designed to help investors enter the crypto space, participate in digital currency investment management, and maximize returns in a streamlined manner by a number of designs such as on-chain fund product tokenization. Third is the X METAVERSE PRO app: X METAVERSE PRO is working hard to develop its own dApp that provides users with the capacity to create, upload and watch video streams in a fully decentralized manner. METAVERSE PRO will leave no stone to maintain the dApp implementation by using thousands of cache nodes and edge nodes. Fourth is the X METAVERSE PRO Wallet, X METAVERSE PRO will develop its own cryptocurrency wallet that you can use it to hold, receive and send XMETA and the platform’s NFTs. The fifth is the XMETA Swap, notably the system’s DEX, through which users can use smart contracts to transfer tokens between $ XMETA and other tokens. The last one is XMETA Token Minter, which is a comprehensive Token minting solution as a benchmark for developers and cryptocurrency projects to create and launch their own tokens on the blockchain of the video streaming protocol.

From Web3 Social into the Meta-Universe

The arrival of the metaverse has given everyone more possibilities to be who they want to be in virtual space. And Web3, is the identity, economy and system of this new world.

The metaverse, an era of transcendence, has not yet arrived, but it won’t limit us from planning ahead. In this case, X METAVERSE PRO, which is the first to complete Web3 socialization, may be able to let everyone see the metaverse sooner. The perfect X METAVERSE PRO social system establishes a metaverse social platform based on blockchain and unique identity ID, connecting VR, wearable devices and other hardware, and these elements will perfectly intermingle with the software at some singularity to show the ultimate form of metaverse and permanently record the course of human history.

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